The Foundation of Meriç Manken was laid in Germany in 1960's when a young intellectual Rafet Meriç graduated from Fine Arts Academy and started chasing his dreams. Today Meriç Manken turned into a brand making use of state-of-the-art technology in its own specialization.


We are aware of the fact that creating a brand in a rapidly developing world is definitely significant. Since 1960's , Meriç Manken has been carrying out its activities through producing new models every year without waiving customer satisfaction, service, innovations, quality and ethical values.



 Meriç Manken , always on the side of development with its qualified personal , always fashions new, high quality, unique and functional models observing the world fashion.

      Meriç Manken enjoys the pleasure of marketing its own collection to world's leading companies though competition as a brand in world model industry. In the 40th year of its foundation , Meriç Manken is proud of begin a world known brand.

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